protected brand

We help brands recapture customers whose online journeys are being disrupted by parked domainers and cybersquatters

Every well-known brand with a strong online footprint will recognise the problem caused by parked domains.

Thousands of domains are registered by cybersquatters, with URLs similar to a brand's domain name, which can receive anything from a few visits a week to hundreds each day from customers who are attempting to reach the brand's website.

Providing a bad user experience to a brand’s customers, and - with many parked domains displaying competitor listings - also potentially causing a loss of business, pursuing a legal route to gain ownership of these domains can be a lengthy and expensive process.

what we do

Protected Brand are uniquely placed to work as an intermidiary between a brand and their cybersquatters.

On behalf of the brand owner, Protected Brand will negotiate with a cybersquatter to get their domains redirecting visitors straight to the brand's website. A quick, effective solution to the problem of cybersquatters, Protected Brand works within an advertiser's existing affiliate program - with no set-up costs or management fees.

Instead, the advertiser only pays commission whenever one of the redirected visitors transact on their website - ensuring advertisers are able to regain control of a large number of parked domains, without any risks or initial outlay.

who we work with

Based in London, Protected Brand is currently working with brands located in the UK, Germany and the US.

speak to us

To find out how Protected Brand can help you regain control of domains that aren't currently under your ownership, get in touch on 020 7637 0304 or at nathan <at> protectedbrand <dot> com.